Renting Announcement

Our company plans to lease two assets through external bidding, namely the office and workshop of the original printing factory, and an open space of the original plywood factory (see attachment for details). The relevant matters are hereby announced as follows:
1. Registration time: June 5th to June 16th, 2023.
2. Registration location: Within the specified registration time, fill out the "Lease Use Application Review Form" at Room 108 on the first floor of the Industrial Branch Company. When registering, pay a bidding deposit of 2000 yuan, hand it over to the designated account of the Industrial Branch Company, and bring a bank receipt, original and photocopy of the ID card. If the lessee is a company, their representative must bring the original and photocopy of their ID card, as well as the power of attorney of the legal person.
The account information is as follows
Name: Shandong Haihua Group Co., Ltd. Binhai Industrial Branch
Account number: 1607054309200095244
Opening Bank: Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Limited Weifang Haihua Branch
Opening bank address: Weifang Binhai Development Zone
Any changes to the above information will be notified separately
3. Bidding time: After our company has reviewed and approved the rental application filled out by the registered lessee, we will notify the bidding time separately.
4. Other matters
(1) After winning the bid, the bidder must pay the rental fee and rental deposit in full at the industrial branch within 15 days, and sign a rental contract with our company. After fulfilling the contract, the bid security deposit will be refunded without interest.
(2) If the winning bidder fails to complete relevant procedures at the industrial branch within 15 days after winning the bid, it will be deemed as automatic waiver of the right to win the bid, and the bid security will not be refunded. Our company has the right to dispose of the winning assets separately.
(3) The unsuccessful bidder shall return their bid security without interest within 15 working days after the bid opening.
(4) If the original tenant does not register to participate in the bidding within the valid registration period, it will be deemed as an automatic waiver of the bidding rights.
(5) Special circumstances, if there are any changes, please inform us separately.
Interested parties are welcome to actively participate in the registration process.
Contact number: 0536-5328352
Supervision hotline: 0536-5329838