The Party Committee of Haihua Group Held the 2022 Democratic life meeting

On the morning of February 14, according to the requirements of the CPC Weifang Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection, the Organization Department of the CPC Weifang Municipal Committee and the Party Committee of the Municipal State owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission "on holding the 2022 Democratic life meeting", the Party Committee of Haihua Group held the 2022 Democratic life meeting, and the 14th group of the municipal comprehensive supervision group attended the meeting for guidance. Sun Lingbo, Secretary of the Party Committee, Chairman, and General Manager of Haihua Group, presided over the meeting.
Seriously carry out criticism and self-criticism, clarify improvement measures and direction of efforts.
The meeting reported the implementation of rectification measures for the special Democratic life meeting meeting on learning and education of party history of the Party committee of Haihua Group and the special Democratic life meeting meeting held in 2022, as well as the solicitation of opinions for this Democratic life meeting. Sun Lingbo, on behalf of the Party Committee of Haihua Group, conducted a comparative inspection to thoroughly identify existing problems and deficiencies, and to clarify the direction and measures for rectification. Subsequently, Sun Lingbo took the lead, and the members of the leadership team conducted comparative checks and speeches one by one, openly criticizing and self criticizing each other.
Zhang Changkun, the leader of the 14th group of the municipal comprehensive supervision group, made comments on the Democratic life meeting and thought that the Democratic life meeting was a serious and effective Democratic life meeting with sufficient preparation, prominent theme, profound inspection and analysis, in-depth ideological struggle, and adequate rectification measures.  
Sun Lingbo stated in his statement that he should take a clear stance in politics, always prioritize political construction, and strictly abide by the Party's political discipline and rules; Set an example by example, fulfill the responsibility of comprehensively and strictly governing the Party, strengthen the "dual responsibilities of one position", and effectively shoulder the responsibility of managing the Party and governing the Party; Seriously and solidly carry out rectification to ensure the effective implementation of rectification; Brave to take on responsibilities and promote development, we must bear in mind our mission, shoulder our responsibilities, prioritize our efforts, and actively respond to new situations and challenges. We will focus on the "Year of Cost Reduction, Efficiency Enhancement, and Quality Improvement" activity, promote reform and innovation, effectively create a "new leader" in the industry, accelerate the high-quality development of Haihua Group, and contribute Haihua's strength to accelerating the construction of a new era of socialist modernization and strong city.