Sun Lingbo led a team to inspect the construction of a safety production research project

On the afternoon of March 13th, Sun Lingbo, Secretary of the Party Committee, Chairman, and General Manager of Haihua Group, visited the pure alkali plant material yard, the first phase of the wind and solar energy storage smart energy demonstration base project, the hydrogen peroxide project of the chlor alkali resin company, the Hualong New Materials company, and the park sewage project to conduct on-site research, listen to work reports, supervise safety production, and emphasize work requirements.
In the lime stone yard and coke white coal yard of the soda ash plant, Sun Lingbo requested to firmly establish a sense of responsibility, continuously increase control efforts, effectively control the entry of raw materials, and provide source guarantee for stable production, high yield, and low consumption; To innovate ideas, tap potential and increase efficiency, achieve differentiated and maximum utilization of different types of raw materials, and further improve utilization efficiency; Thoroughly investigate the existing problems in the current quality control process, be good at discovering new problems, take new measures, and continuously improve the efficiency of raw material quality control.
At the construction site of the centralized control center and R&D testing center of the first phase of the Binhai Wind and Solar Energy Storage Smart Energy Demonstration Base project, Sun Lingbo requested that production and operation management be effectively carried out, and strict adherence to regulations, safe operation, stable and economic operation be achieved; Keep a close eye on node goals, fulfill responsibilities, and make every effort to promote full capacity grid connected power generation of the project; Grasp project safety and quality management, adhere to safety first, implement safety responsibilities, improve project construction quality, and build safe and high-quality projects.
At the construction site of the hydrogen peroxide project of the chlor alkali resin company, Sun Lingbo requested to closely monitor the progress, accelerate procurement, accelerate progress according to the planned milestones, and make practical moves in accelerating and breaking the situation; We must focus on quality, clarify measures, work hard, strive for results, and work hard to improve quality and efficiency; To ensure safety, take responsibility for compaction, adhere to the bottom line, do not cross the red line, and see the truth in construction safety.
At Hualong New Materials Company, Sun Lingbo emphasized that the trial production of the project is imminent, and it is necessary to firmly establish a "bottom line" awareness, solidly promote according to established plans and regulations, and ensure the safety, stability, and reliability of the trial production; During the trial production process, close attention should be paid to process parameters and system changes, and timely response measures should be taken to ensure a successful feeding and start-up.
At the construction site of the sewage project in the park, Sun Lingbo requested that safety always be given top priority, safety management efforts should be continuously strengthened, the concept of safety development should be firmly established, all work related to safety production should be effectively carried out, and benefits should be sought from safety management; Strengthen quality control of engineering construction, ensure strict compliance with design and specification requirements, comprehensively accelerate project construction progress and complete construction tasks with high quality while ensuring construction quality and safety.
The responsible persons of the office and relevant units of the group company participate in the event.