Sun Lingbo emphasized at the production and operation analysis meeting of Haihua Group in February and the launch meeting of the "Cost Reduction, Efficiency Enhancement, and Quality Improvement Year" ...

On March 9th, Haihua Group held a production and operation analysis meeting for February. Sun Lingbo, Secretary of the Party Committee, Chairman, and General Manager of the Group Company, presided over the meeting and emphasized the work requirements. He implemented the spirit of the Provincial Conference on Accelerating the High Quality Development of Industrial Economy and the Municipal Work Mobilization Conference, focused on the requirements of "fighting for the economy", focused on the "three-year development", and surrounded the implementation of the "133556" project. With the "Year of Cost Reduction, Efficiency Enhancement, and Quality Improvement" as the main line, he adhered to the dual wheel drive of strengthening management and deepening reform, Continuously improving enterprise efficiency and development quality, striving for development with spelling, innovation and practical work, and striving to win the first season's "red start", accumulating surging momentum for building a "strong new excellent" new Haihua.
Chi Qingfeng, Wang Yongzhi, Li Farong and Li Jinjun, members of the group's home leadership, Ding Hongyu, assistant to the group's general manager, and Wang Xichen, chief safety officer, attended.
The meeting reviewed the production, operation, and reform and development of the group company from January to February, and deployed the "Cost Reduction, Efficiency Increase, Quality Improvement, and Key Points" campaign for the "Cost Reduction, Efficiency Increase, and Quality Improvement Year" of the group company around the "4341" work content.
Sun Lingbo pointed out that from January to February, the production and operation of the group company were stable, and the profit level steadily improved, creating the best profit level for the same period. This is in line with the requirements of the municipal party committee and government's "economic competition", and is also the initial manifestation of the group company's "new high" achievements, laying a solid foundation for achieving a "good start" in the first quarter. Regarding the implementation of the "Year of Cost Reduction, Efficiency Enhancement, and Quality Improvement" campaign, Sun Lingbo emphasized the need to enhance awareness of crisis, always be prepared for safety, and establish the concept of "living a tight life". Functional departments should clarify their target responsibilities and establish a sense of service. Production and operation units should clarify their economic responsibilities and establish a sense of responsibility, and mobilize all cadres and employees to participate in the "Year of Cost Reduction, Efficiency Enhancement, and Quality Improvement" campaign. We should integrate activities into the entire production and operation process, and focus on key tasks such as procurement, sales, production operation, project construction, and management reform, striving to achieve new results. One is to scientifically organize sales and improve business performance. The second is to optimize procurement strategies and ensure production supply. The third is to scientifically schedule production to ensure seamless connection. The fourth is to closely monitor the node plan and accelerate project construction. Fifth, accelerate technological innovation and empower enterprise development. Sixth, strengthen basic management and improve management efficiency. Seventh, deepen internal reforms and enhance the vitality of enterprises.
Sun Lingbo requested, firstly, to highly unify his thoughts. Each unit and department should unify the key work of this year into the "Year of Cost Reduction, Efficiency Improvement, and Quality Improvement" activity, and focus on "all economic benefits". They should increase internal efforts to tap potential, optimize and improve management levels, and ensure the high-quality and efficient implementation of the "Year of Cost Reduction, Efficiency Improvement, and Quality Improvement" activity. The second is to ensure the implementation of work. Each unit and department should make their own unique, implementable, and operable plans based on their own work reality and the principle of seeking truth from facts. We need to quantify and clarify work goals, tasks, and scope, and put "visible and tangible" benefits into our pockets to ensure that the "Year of Cost Reduction, Efficiency Enhancement, and Quality Improvement" activity can achieve the expected results. The third is to strengthen security work. All units and departments should fully exert their subjective initiative, establish special work organizations, and mobilize the enthusiasm of all cadres and employees to reduce costs, increase efficiency, and improve quality from side to side, and carry out activities solidly from top to bottom. We need to decompose the production and operation task indicators layer by layer and compact responsibilities. We need to fully leverage the role of publicity and guidance, so that every employee has a clear task and effectively promotes work.
According to the meeting schedule, Ding Hongyu and Wang Xichen will focus on work arrangements.
Ding Hongyu pointed out that internal control management and internal audit are solid cornerstones and supervisory lines for the sustained and stable development of enterprises. The period from 2021 to 2022 is the year of institutional construction for the group company. In accordance with the requirements of "simplification, standardization, applicability, and efficiency", the group company strengthens the construction of internal control systems and improves the internal control system. After two years of institutional construction, the system has established an internal control system with comprehensive coverage, clear rights and responsibilities, clear paths, and controllable risks. For the next step of work, she emphasized that firstly, the concept and awareness of internal control need to be improved. Secondly, the quality of the internal control system needs to be further improved. Thirdly, the cultivation of internal control management talents needs to be strengthened. Fourthly, the continuous improvement mechanism of internal control needs to be further improved.
Wang Xichen pointed out that in the implementation of safety production work, it is necessary to manage industry safety, business safety, and production and operation safety. It is necessary to strengthen and implement the main responsibilities of production and operation units and government supervision responsibilities, and establish a mechanism for production and operation units to be responsible, employees to participate, government supervision, industry self-discipline, and social supervision. We must strictly implement the principle of "Party and government sharing responsibilities, dual responsibilities for one position, joint management, and accountability for dereliction of duty". To achieve systematic management, establish long-term mechanisms, normalize, and truly implement the concept, standards, and management methods of safety at every level of decision-making, management, and operation in the enterprise, forming a reliable system and mechanism guarantee.
The attending leaders respectively put forward requirements for learning the spirit of the National Two Sessions, the spirit of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, party building work, engineering project construction, safety and environmental protection, epidemic prevention and control, market analysis, application of four new technologies, promotion of productive scientific research projects, information construction, and implementation of the "Year of Cost Reduction, Efficiency Enhancement, and Quality Improvement" activities. The heads of the finance department, strategic planning department, procurement center, soda ash plant, thermal power branch, sales branch, railway transportation branch, park sewage treatment project team and other departments of the group company delivered reports and speeches.
Party and government officials from various units and departments of the group company attended the meeting.