Sun Lingbo Visited the Supervision Branch of the Soda Plant to Organize a Life Meeting and Safety Management Work

On March 15th, Sun Lingbo, Secretary of the Party Committee, Chairman, and General Manager of Haihua Group, organized a living meeting at the Party building grassroots contact point, the Party Branch Supervision Branch of the Central Laboratory of the Soda Plant. At the same time, he inspected the safety and environmental protection work of the Soda Plant and put forward requirements for the above work.
At the meeting, the Party branch of the central laboratory reported on the progress of the Party building work of the branch in 2022, closely following the theme of this organizational life meeting, deeply reviewed and analyzed the problems and deficiencies in Party building, production management, and other aspects of the branch, and clarified the direction for the next step of rectification work and formulated measures. All party members conducted in-depth criticism and self criticism, comprehensively identified the problems, analyzed the root causes, and clarified the next steps for rectification.
Sun Lingbo supervised the entire process of the branch's organizational life meeting and pointed out that the preparation was sufficient, the process was compact, and the complexity was reduced, resulting in very good results. The criticism and self criticism of party members are straightforward and straightforward, with a clear and direct focus on the topic. They have truly achieved the desired results and achieved the expected results, making it a very successful organizational life within the party.
Sun Lingbo pointed out that the central laboratory of the soda ash plant, as the quality analysis and control center for bulk raw materials, is responsible for the control of raw material entry, product delivery, and intermediate processes. The responsibility is significant and the task is arduous, which directly affects the economic benefits of the enterprise. This year is the "year of cost reduction, efficiency improvement, and quality improvement" proposed by the group company, and the control of bulk raw materials is one of the important contents, which is of great significance for cost reduction, efficiency improvement, and quality improvement. As one of the participants in this work, the central laboratory is not only the "gatekeeper" of efficiency, but also the "Whistleblower" of quality evaluation. First, it must firmly resist the pressure, hold the bottom line, strengthen confidence, ensure to win the battle of improving the quality of bulk raw materials, and effectively provide source guarantee for production. Secondly, we need to recognize the situation, conscientiously fulfill our duties, and fully safeguard the interests and image of the enterprise. Thirdly, we must adhere to the principle of "taking the path of brightness and pursuing the cause of brightness", actively advocate for a new and positive atmosphere, consciously resist various temptations, remain steadfast in our original intentions and maintain our mission, and comprehensively build a team of sunshine, sea culture, and sunshine. He firmly believes that with the joint efforts of all Haihua people, the new Haihua dream of "great strength, new excellence" can be achieved.
During the discussion and exchange stage, Sun Lingbo had in-depth communication and interaction with party members of the branch. He provided detailed answers to questions raised by everyone regarding employee recruitment and grassroots facility improvement.
Later, Sun Lingbo listened to the report of the soda ash plant on safety and environmental protection, went to the site to inspect the implementation of various safety and environmental protection measures, and learned about the current safe operation of the production system from the post operators in detail.
Sun Lingbo emphasized that this year is the beginning year for the comprehensive implementation of the spirit of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, and an important year for the group company to focus on the requirements of the municipal party committee and government to "compete for the economy" and vigorously carry out "cost reduction, efficiency improvement, and quality improvement" activities. As the leading industry and pillar of the group company, the soda ash plant at all levels of leadership and cadres should further strengthen their mission responsibility, carry forward the spirit of unity and unity, continue to increase internal efforts to tap potential, and effectively integrate all work into the "cost reduction, efficiency improvement, and quality improvement" activity. They should try their best to grasp and pocket the "visible and tangible" benefits, Firmly uphold the bottom line of enterprise development benefits. At the same time, we must firmly adhere to the bottom line of safety and environmental protection, strictly implement various management regulations, conscientiously fulfill responsibilities at all levels, and strive to lay a solid foundation for the development of the enterprise. In addition, we should continue to put in more effort in building the corporate brand effect, fully promote the creation of "Sunshine Haihua", continuously enhance the social influence of the enterprise, continuously enhance the sense of honor, responsibility, and mission of cadres and employees, and truly play the role of the leading soda ash enterprise "Dingpan Star" and "Ballast Stone".
The main responsible persons of the office and soda ash plant of the group company, as well as all party members of the party branch of the central laboratory, participated in the organizational life meeting; Members of the leadership team of the soda ash plant and relevant personnel at the grassroots level of each unit of the plant participated in the safety and environmental protection supervision meeting.