Shandong Haihua Energy Co., LTD

Founded in September 2022, Shandong Haihua Energy Co., Ltd. is mainly responsible for the supply of water, electricity and steam to Haihua Group and its surrounding enterprises, as well as the railway transportation services of Haihua Group. It has three subordinate branches of thermal power, power and railway transportation, and the project team of load storage integration of source network. Set up the Party and government office, Human resources Department, audit Department, Finance department, strategic planning department, security management department, production management department, property rights and law Department, information department, acquisition center 10 functional management departments. As of the end of March 2022, the assets of 1.57 billion yuan, 1889 registered employees, of which 1,727 people on the job.

Thermal Power Branch is a modern cogeneration enterprise integrating power generation, steam production and supply, which mainly undertakes the tasks of heat and power supply for Haihua Group and surrounding units and residents in the coastal area. Total steam capacity 3460t/h; 5 generating units are in operation with an installed capacity of 258MW.

Power branch mainly undertakes the supply of water, electricity and steam for Haihua Group and some surrounding enterprises. Power supply business main power supply from thermoelectric branch, security backup power from Guodian, total capacity of 486,400kva, power supply capacity of 260MW/h; Annual fresh water supply capacity of about 30 million cubic meters, sea water capacity of 70 million cubic meters; Annual supply of 1.7 million tons of steam.

The railway transportation branch mainly undertakes the railway transportation service function of Haihua Group. The special railway of Haihua Group under its management started construction in October 1985, and the whole line was completed and opened to traffic in 1988, integrating with the line of Yiyang Management Office of Shandong High-speed Rail Transit Group. It is mainly responsible for the railway transportation of bulk raw materials and finished products such as limestone, coal, coke, crude oil, raw salt, calcium carbide mud and soda ash of Haihua Group, with a transportation capacity of 5 million tons/year.

Shandong Haihua source, grid and storage integration demonstration project is a part of Weifang coastal landscape intelligent energy storage base, has been listed as one of the province's source grid and storage pilot projects. The estimated total investment of the project is 708 million yuan, the total land area is 101.3346 hectares, the total installed capacity is 110MW, and the total power generation is about 212.7027GWh. The project construction is mainly divided into six parts: photovoltaic field area, fan field area, 110kV booster station, 110kV line, maintenance workshop and maintenance road. At present, the feasibility study report of the project has been approved, and the preliminary work is being carried out, and it is planned to start in August 2023 and complete the grid before the end of 2023.