Shandong Binhai Energy Co. LTD

Shandong Binhai Energy Co., Ltd. is a high-growth and high-expectation project planned and promoted in order to enlarge the scale of enterprises as soon as possible, improve economic benefits, keep up with national strategic deployment, and accelerate transformation and upgrading since the transfer of Shandong Haihua Group's equity to Weifang City.
The base project relies on the planned construction of 2.9GWp centralized photovoltaic power generation and 0.1GW wind power projects in the brine production area of Haihua Group Salt Farm, supporting the construction of intelligent energy management platform, energy storage system, power transformation system, science popularization education, seawater desalination, ecological tourism and other facilities and industries. The construction period is 2021-2025. It is a key new energy project of the Group company during the "14th Five-Year Plan" period.
The base project uses a halogen production area of about 38 square kilometers to build a 2.8GWp centralized photovoltaic power generation base using salt-light complementary and fish-light complementary modes. 0.1GW of wind power will be built in the halogen production area. The direct investment of the project is about 14 billion yuan. After the completion of the project, the annual emissions of greenhouse gas carbon dioxide can be reduced by 4.267 million tons, sulfur compounds by about 16,000 tons, nitrogen oxides by about 15,000 tons, annual coal can be replaced by 1.6 million tons, annual tax growth exceeds 270 million yuan/year, and life cycle tax contribution is about 7.2 billion yuan.
Shandong Binhai Energy Co., Ltd. was incorporated on April 20, 2021, with a registered capital of 100 million yuan. It is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Shandong Haihua Group Co., LTD., and is specifically responsible for the development, construction and operation of the photovoltaic power generation project of Weifang Binhai Landscape Smart Energy Storage Demonstration Base. The company was awarded the advanced unit of style construction in 2022. At present, the 300MW photovoltaic power generation project of the first phase of the base has achieved full capacity grid-connected power generation on April 18, 2023, marking the new energy project of Haihua Group has entered the substantive stage of operation.
The preliminary work of Shandong Haihua Source network load and storage integration demonstration project has been fully carried out. The project plans to build 60.19MW photovoltaic, 49.55MW wind power and a 110kV booster station. According to 30% installed capacity and 2-hour peak load capacity, about 33MW/66MWh energy storage device will be configured to cooperate with the system peak load. A new 110kV line will be delivered to the 110kV side of Chlor-alkali Station of Haihua internal power grid, with a length of about 3.1 kilometers. On October 09, 2022, the project was approved in Binhai Economic and Technological Development Zone. At present, it has obtained the supporting documents from the Coastal District Management Committee, the Natural Resources and Planning Bureau, the Cultural, Sports and Tourism Industry Development Center, the Soft Environment Development Bureau, the Marine Fisheries and Water Resources Bureau, and the Ecological Environment Bureau. The preparation of the draft site selection report, occupational health and hygiene pre-assessment report, geological hazard assessment report, safety and assessment report, and environmental pre-assessment report was completed; Geotechnical engineering survey field construction has been completed; The investigation report of the overburden mineral resources shall be investigated by the Municipal Bureau of Natural Resources and Planning and reported to the Provincial Department of Natural Resources. The grid access plan has been completed and submitted to Weifang State Grid Company for review; The land transfer of the fan and booster station has been approved by the municipal government, and the agreement is being signed. The surveying and mapping of the 110kV line project has been completed, and the site selection demonstration report is being compiled. The preparation of bidding documents for supervision and general contracting has been completed; The installation of the 150-meter wind measuring tower was completed and wind resource data collection began, and the "three channels and one level" work in the early stage such as the leveling of the booster station and road construction was basically completed.

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