Shandong Haihua Group Co., LTD. Binhai industrial branch

Shandong Haihua Group Co., LTD. Binhai Industrial Branch is Haihua Group in accordance with the "comprehensive deepening of reform, centralized optimization and renovation" strategic deployment, in December 2016, based on the original property branch, the whole into the public security brigade, staff sports center, ocean hotel, integration of all units of the canteen, public affairs and public transport vehicles set up the company. The company mainly undertakes the property management services of Haihua Group's factory and office areas, the management of retirees, the management of staff apartments, the management of all non-productive assets, vehicle management, security maintenance, staff catering services and other functions, and undertakes the labor service business of Haihua Group.
Secretary of Party Committee and General Manager of Binhai Industrial Branch: Yang Haifeng
The company has four functional departments: Party and government office, Planning and Finance Department, Security Department and operation and Management Department. Property asset management department, vehicle management department, project department, staff canteen management department, retirement management department, public security brigade, Weifang Tiancheng Property management Department 7 business departments. The company currently has a total of 567 registered employees, of which 349 are on duty.
The asset leasing sector under its jurisdiction leases 125 assets and manages 5 assets of Ocean apartments, employee apartments, Haihua Gymnasium, table tennis activity center and Ocean Auditorium. Vehicle management section centralized management of 39 official vehicles, commuter buses own 5, 13 leased. Catering service sector for the group headquarters, soda plant, thermal power branch and other 14 units and single apartment accommodation staff meals, there are 9 cantons, 16 dining points, 4 catering trucks, cold storage, Hengwen storage each place, Haihua, industrial recruitment to undertake the group's catering reception business. The engineering project sector is the main benefit sector, which is mainly self-operated and self-operated, and avoids the outflow of benefits to the maximum extent. 32 surplus personnel have been absorbed and have successively taken over 4 types of non-productive projects of the Group company. The public security section has 91 employees, 24 newly hired retired soldiers (labor dispatch), and 128 security personnel, providing security services for 14 units such as the headquarters of the Group company, the soda plant, and the Yangkou Salt farm, with 26 duty posts and 5 squadrons patrolling. The retirement service sector has completed the socialized management and transfer of retired employees of state-owned enterprises in 2020, and is now mainly responsible for the normal transfer of retirees and the implementation of the political life treatment of various personnel such as retirement, survivors, streamlining and decentralization.
Binhai Industrial Branch Honors:
In January 2019, it won the honorary title of "Advanced Unit" of Haihua Group in 2018;
In February 2021, it won the honorary title of "Advanced Unit" of Haihua Group in 2020;
In February 2022, Weifang City won the honorary title of "Smile Service Demonstration Unit" in 2021;
In January 2023, the industrial company won the honorary title of "Advanced Unit of Style Construction" of Haihua Group in 2022;
In January 2023, it won the honorary title of "Advanced Unit of Discipline Inspection Work" of Haihua Group in 2022.

Binhai Industrial Branch Address: Shandong Province Weifang City Hanting District Binhai Economic Development Zone Yihe Street No. 16133
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