Shandong Haihua energy Co., Ltd. railway branch

The special railway of Shandong Haihua Group started construction in October 1985, and the whole line was completed and opened to traffic in 1988. It is connected with the Yiyang Management Office of Shandong high-speed Rail Transit Group, mainly responsible for the railway transportation of bulk raw materials and finished products of Haihua Group, such as limestone, coal, coke, soda ash, crude oil, gasoline, diesel oil, and so on, with a transportation capacity of 5 million tons/year.
Shandong Haihua Group Co., LTD. Railway Transportation Branch was established in May 1995, completed the asset transfer in October 2020, and was renamed Shandong Haihua Energy Co., LTD. Railway Transportation Branch. Under the Party and government Office, finance department, security department, equipment and technology department of 4 functional management departments and dispatching room, operation workshop, maintenance workshop, maintenance department, handover station, and other 5 production departments, a total of 201 registered employees. The main production equipment and facilities are: 23Km railway line, 3 diesel locomotive, 11 unloading equipment, 2 sets of shunting winch, etc., the total assets of 125 million yuan.
The company always aims to build a transportation artery with "capable personnel, complete system, advanced equipment, green safety and strong guarantee", carries forward the work style of "starting from the command, acting fast, accurate and reliable, safe and efficient", gives full play to the role of protection, cooperation and service, and contributes railway value to the construction of a large and strong new Haihua.