Shandong Haihua energy Co., Ltd. power branch

Shandong Haihua Energy Co., Ltd. power branch was established in October 2022, the company headquarters is located in Weifang Binhai Economic and Technological Development Zone, Duewa street Yihe West Street No. 14201, mainly responsible for Shandong Haihua Group and some surrounding enterprises of water, electricity, steam supply, the original asset value of 412.65 million yuan, the current net value of 121.28 million yuan.
At present, the company has 260 registered employees, including 232 employees, 23 employees and 5 people who have suspended labor contracts. There are 1 professional and technical personnel with senior title, 5 professional and technical personnel with intermediate title, and 10 professional and technical personnel with junior title. There are 4 departments of Party and government office, production department, security department and Finance department, and 4 production workshops of water supply workshop, power supply workshop, line work area and sea water supply station.
Power supply business, the main power supply from thermoelectric branch, security backup power from Guodian, equipped with 6kV-110kV substation 10, the total capacity of 486400kVA; There are 88 6kV-220kV overhead lines, totaling more than 340 kilometers, with a power supply capacity of 260MW/h. The current power supply load is 160MW. There are 12 internal units and 87 external units of the group company.
Fresh water supply business, there are 2 fresh water sources, respectively Weifang Shuifa Water Supply Group Co., Ltd. and Shandong Shuifa Longze Water Supply Co., LTD. There are three fresh water pumping houses, a total of 95 kilometers of fresh water pipelines, with an annual fresh water supply capacity of about 30 million square meters, and the current annual water supply is 25 million square meters. There are 15 internal units and 34 external units of the group company.
Seawater supply business, there is 1 intake pump room, 1 pressure pump room, 6 seawater supply pipelines 28 kilometers, annual seawater supply capacity of 70 million cubic meters, the current annual water supply of 3.5 million square meters, mainly used for soda plants.
For steam business, the steam source is from the thermal power branch, and a total of 2 1.0Mpa steam pipelines and 1 2.0Mpa steam pipelines are laid, totaling 13 kilometers, with an annual steam supply of 1.8 million tons. The company provides 5 internal unit users and 22 external units.
In recent years, adhering to the management objectives of "safety, low consumption, standardization and improvement", the company has continuously promoted the technical transformation and upgrading of hydropower and steam public system, continuously consolidated the safety management foundation, improved the management level, and ensured the stable operation of hydropower and steam public system. From 2014 to 2022, it has been rated as an advanced unit by the Group company for 9 consecutive years, and won the honorary title of advanced grassroots Party organization of the Group company and above for 4 times. In the future, we will continue to serve customers sincerely, if necessary, please contact 0536-5329323, 0536-5329189.