Shandong Haihua Group thermal power branch

Shandong Haihua Group Thermal Power Branch was established in August 1995, originally a subsidiary of Shandong Haihua Group Co., LTD., since October 2022, it has been changed to Shandong Haihua Energy Co., LTD., a subsidiary of Shandong Haihua Group Co., LTD. It is a self-provided thermal power plant, mainly responsible for the heat and power supply tasks of Haihua Group and surrounding units and residents of Weifang coastal Area. It is a modern cogeneration enterprise integrating power generation and steam supply.
At present, the total assets of the company are 1.384 billion yuan. There are 1297 registered employees and 1191 on-the-job employees, including 63 junior technical personnel, 104 intermediate professional titles and 26 senior professional and technical personnel. The main equipment includes 10 circulating fluidized bed boilers, including 1 220t/h circulating fluidized bed boiler, 6 240t/h circulating fluidized bed boilers, 3 600t/h circulating fluidized bed boilers, with a total steam production capacity of 3460t/h. There are 5 generating units in operation, including 1 24MW high back pressure unit, 1 24MW pumping back unit, 2 30MW pumping back units and 1 150MW pumping condensate unit, with an installed capacity of 258MW.
The company has 10 production units under the operation department, maintenance department, electrical workshop, instrument workshop, chemical workshop, ash removal workshop, fuel workshop, steam engine workshop, grinding station, three power plants, as well as the party and government office, human resources, finance, planning department, security department, production management department, equipment management department, technical information department, supply Department 9 management departments
The main users include soda plants, chlor-alkali resin companies and petrochemical branches, of which about 60% of the electricity supply is used for chlor-alkali resin company production, and 84% of the steam supply is used by the new and old lines of soda plants. The thermoelectric ratio of the company is about 74:26, which is much higher than the general thermal power plant, and the thermal efficiency is higher.
In recent years, the company has earnestly implemented the development strategy of the group company, focused on the implementation of the five major upgrading projects of "production organization optimization and upgrading, equipment and equipment optimization and upgrading, internal management optimization and upgrading, intrinsic safety optimization and upgrading, and staff optimization and upgrading", and worked hard to create five thermal power projects of "safe thermal power, efficiency thermal power, collaborative thermal power, green thermal power, and smart thermal power". With the goal of "striving for domestic first-class self-owned power plants in the same industry", with the purpose of "safety, stability, cleanliness and low consumption", we carry forward the enterprise spirit of "hard work and enterprising, striving for first-class", accelerate the transformation of old and new momentum, implement fine management, strengthen safety and environmental protection governance, and continue to improve management level. To help the group company "bigger and stronger, new and better", "go ahead and open a new bureau" to contribute more value of thermal power. It has won the honorary titles of "Advanced Unit of Safety Production in Shandong Power Industry", "Advanced Unit of Enterprise Equipment Management in Shandong Province", and "Shandong Rich people and strong Province's first model Collective".

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Address: No. 13601 Yihe Street, Duwa Street, Hanting District, Weifang City, Shandong Province