Weifang Binhai Development zone Yisheng source environmental protection Technology Co., LTD

The infrastructure upgrading project of Weifang Binhai Green Chemical Park is invested and constructed by Shandong Haihua Group Co., LTD., which is located in the north of West Fifth Street of Liaohe, east of the clarifiers of the soda plant slag field of Haihua Group, south of the clarifiers of the soda Plant slag field 3# and west of Jingxin Pharmaceutical. The project covers an area of about 131.3 mu, construction area of 10876.52m2, the planned total investment of 420 million yuan.
The project mainly constructs sewage treatment system and tailwater exhaust pipeline, supporting the construction of technical building, production building, power room and other supporting facilities, which can realize the treatment of chemical sewage 10,000 square meters/day after completion.
The water treatment process of the project adopts Fenton oxidation +A/O/A/O biochemical + autotrophic denitrification + ozone catalytic oxidation + secondary A/O+MBR membrane + activated carbon adsorption and disinfection after reaching the standard of discharge. After completion, the project can meet the sewage treatment needs of enterprises in the north expansion area of the green chemical Park, and greatly improve the ecological environment of the coastal area.
The construction of the project started in September 2022, and the main civil works have been completed and entered the final stage. Fenton oxidation system, deodorization system and other equipment have been installed, and it is planned to be completed by the end of June 2023.以上翻译结果来自有道神经网络翻译(YNMT)· 通用场景