Shandong Haihua Co., Ltd. calcium chloride plant

The calcium chloride plant of Shandong Haihua Co., Ltd. was invested and built in 1997, with a designed production capacity of 60,000 tons. After later expansion, the designed production capacity now reaches 400,000 tons, ranking first in the industry. It now covers an area of 237 mu, with fixed assets of 256 million yuan and 186 registered employees.
At present, the main products are flake calcium chloride, powder calcium chloride, ball calcium chloride, products can be used as snow melting agent, antifreeze, desiccant, dust inhibitor, additive, widely used in road, oil drilling, mining, food industry and agriculture and many other fields. Sold to more than 30 provinces and cities, and exported to Europe, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, Russia, the United States, Japan, South Korea and other more than 10 countries and regions.
Water, electricity, steam and other energy and main raw materials required for daily production are supplied by the group's internal units. The main raw materials are the ammonia solution discharged by the soda plant. Calcium chloride and industrial salt are produced after re-drying, evaporation and drying, which is a comprehensive resource utilization project in the national ecological Marine chemical recycling economic circle.
The company always adheres to the strategy of survival and development by quality, and has passed the five system certifications of "quality, environment, energy, measurement and safety standardization".

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