Shandong Haihua chlor-alkali Resin Co., LTD

Shandong Haihua Chlor-alkali Resin Co., Ltd. was established in August 2004, covering an area of 469 mu (about 310,000 square meters), registered capital of 159 million yuan, existing assets of 682 million yuan, 509 registered employees, is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Shandong Haihua Co., Ltd. production, supply and marketing, independent accounting, is also one of the core units of Haihua Group salt chemical sector.
The company has a set of chlor-alkali production equipment of 300,000 tons/year (100%NaOH), using the current advanced "ionic membrane electrolysis method" production process, the electrolyzer adopts Japan Asu Kasei technology, all of which have been zero-level transformation, low pressure chlorine press imported from Germany, and other important equipment all adopt domestic first-line brands, and the equipment is equipped with a high level. The production system adopts automatic control and SIS system, which has a high level of intrinsic safety.
The company has a total of 6 products, the main product is 32% liquid alkali, liquid chlorine, the production capacity of 870,000 tons/year and 220,000 tons/year, other products include hydrogen, 50% liquid alkali, sodium hypochlorite, hydrochloric acid. Products caustic soda is mainly used in alumina, paper, chemical fiber, pesticide and other industries; Chlorine gas is mainly used in polyvinyl chloride (PVC), propylene oxide, epichlorohydrin, chlorinated aromatic hydrocarbons, methane chloride, bromine and other industries. Sales cover Weifang urban area, radiation Binzhou, Qingdao, Zibo and other surrounding areas, but also exported to Fujian and other places.
In recent years, the company to Haihua Group "bigger, stronger, do new, do better" as the guidance of the goal, adhere to the leadership of the party building, adhere to the "safety, environmental protection, stability" three bottom lines, continue to promote cultural management, to create a solid "stare at" culture, excellence "culture and above the rate of" execution "culture, It has created a harmonious, stable, united and enterprising enterprise atmosphere, and the business performance of the enterprise has been continuously improved. The company has achieved stable profits for six consecutive years, and the overall benefit in 2021 and 2022 has continuously exceeded the 100 million yuan mark.
The company has passed the four system certifications of "quality, environment, energy and measurement" and obtained the provincial safety standardization second-level enterprise certificate. It has been awarded the honorary title of "Shandong Province to create a learning organization demonstration enterprise", "harmonious labor relations enterprise", "Shandong Province safety culture construction Demonstration enterprise", "advanced unit of safety production work in the province", "enterprise credit AAA level", and national advanced equipment management enterprise.
Chlor-alkali due to the particularity of its industry, Shandong will no longer new batch capacity, the existing plant of liquid chlorine, hydrogen is a valuable resource for Haihua Group to extend downstream development. According to the development idea of "extending the saline-chemical industry, expanding the energy industry, expanding the petrochemical industry, and developing the new material industry", Haihua Group has planned a number of construction projects in chlor-alkali Company: For example, the chlor-alkali industry took the lead in the implementation of scientific research and technological transformation - new large electrolytic cell application project, 2,700 tons/year new energy hydrogen project, 200,000 tons/year hydrogen peroxide and 100,000 tons/year sodium percarbonate project, liquid flow sea material science and technology project. At the same time, the company plans to reserve projects targeting chlorine consumption downstream and new materials, which will provide important support for extending the downstream industry chain of chlor-alkali products.

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