Shandong Haihua stock company Yangkou salt farm

Yangkou Salt Farm of Shandong Haihua Co., Ltd. was founded in September 1958. It is a labor-intensive enterprise with a mining area of 120.39 square kilometers, a production area of 102 square kilometers, a raw salt production scale of 2.4 million tons and a production area of 1.6 million tons (affected by the quality of raw brine, the current production capacity is 1.5 million tons). With fixed assets of 601 million yuan, the company has 1,265 regular employees, and about 1,500 workers are dispatched during peak hours. It has 10 production units and 7 functional departments, including 7 salt-making plants, halogen plants, reprinting plants and calcium liquid plants. The leading products of raw salt are all used in the industrial chain of Haihua Group, and the annual output of raw salt ranks first in the sea salt production enterprises in China. Has won the 2011-2013 China offshore oil industry advanced collective, the national model workers' home, the national sea salt enterprise management demonstration enterprise, Shandong Province salt industry system advanced enterprise, Weifang City salt industry system advanced enterprise, the CPC Weifang Municipal Party Committee to create priority into the grassroots party organization, Haihua Group advanced unit and other honorary titles.
Yangkou Salt Farm is the raw material base of the circular economy framework system of Haihua Group. The extracted underground brine is sent to bromine plant to extract bromine, and the extracted bromine brine is returned to the brine production field to concentrate and then sent to the salt production field to make saturated brine to produce raw salt. At present, all the raw salt is used to produce soda ash in the soda plant. The calcium liquid produced by the soda plant is concentrated through the calcium liquid field and sent to the calcium chloride plant to produce calcium chloride, which can achieve the standard discharge after the completion of the Yisheng Yuan Company. After the production of salt, the old brine is concentrated in the reprinting plant, first sent to the bromine plant for the extraction of bromine from the old brine, and then returned to the reprinting plant, concentrated and then sent to the potassium sulfate plant for the production of potassium sulfate and magnesium chloride. Yangkou Salt Farm also undertakes the collaborative tasks of carbonizing and cooling brine transport of soda plant, providing brine for nanofiltration project and receiving nanofiltration impurity water.
After 65 years of exploration and practice, Yangkou Salt Farm has always adhered to the main line of high-quality development, focused on the main business, fully implemented target management as the starting point, constantly strengthened the "4×4" work measures, vigorously implemented the "two-level formula" assessment, and continued to do a good job in process optimization, plastic cover management, technological progress, and the optimal four upgrading work of sea salt. Solid promotion of party building leadership, collaboration, basic management, team building four basic management, formed a complete and mature scientific salt production concept, to achieve the weather forecast refinement, lightning warning precision, raw salt collection mechanization, crystallization management plastic film, beach operation mechanization, mechanized brine extraction process control, automation of water monitoring, enterprise management standardization. Highlight the work of innovation and creation of "double innovation", constantly use modern technology to transform traditional industries, actively promote digital salt pans and factory salt brine production projects, cooperate with the construction of coastal scenery smart energy storage demonstration base project, and lay a solid foundation for raw salt quality and stable production, transformation and upgrading.
In recent years, Yangkou Salt Farm has been faced with difficulties such as land requisitions and project occupied areas in the development zone, and the decline in the quality of raw brine caused by nanfiltration, so Yangkou Salt Farm has taken positive measures to deal with them. In terms of land cover, the construction land planning scheme should be formulated scientifically and reasonably to protect the existing beachland area. At the same time, by consolidating the foundation of the beach field, strengthening the functional restoration, transforming the old salt pans and other measures, the situation of the reduction of the beach field area can be alleviated. In terms of nanofiltration water response, the implementation of nanofiltration water shunt, separate transport, separate storage, separate halogen, separate salt production, while doing additive tests.
Looking forward to the future, Yangkou Salt Farm will adhere to the leadership of the Party building, always uphold the spirit of "hard work and selfless dedication" of sheep salt, and strive to achieve the strategic plan of "the best sea salt production enterprise in the country", achieve the national first-class in the output, quality, cost, technology, resource utilization and other hard indicators, and provide better products and services for collaborative enterprises. Make every effort to build a solid raw material base for the salt chemical plate of Haihua Group, and continue to write a new magnificent chapter on the new journey.

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